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Open House 2017|| Tell The World

Tell the world that Jesus lives
Tell the world that, tell the world that
Tell the world that he died for them
Tell the world that he lives again


After waiting 2 years for this event it finally return , it came and left in a flash. This truly one event you should not have missed. Open House Tell The World Music Festival featured 20 Local Artistes and 4 International Artistes. It took place over the course of 3 nights at Urban Ministries and admission was free. Yes! Every night this event was FREE.



This is one event I wish could be around every year, but the planning and details that go into an event like is, one would understand why it only graces us with its presence every two years.

The goal for this year’s Open House was as the theme suggested to Tell the World. You may wonder tell them about what? Basically tell them about the goodness of Jesus Christ. This was able to be done with the help of media houses the covered the event, as well as persons flooding social media with the hashtag; #OpenHouseTrinidad and some even added in the 2017.

The entire weekend was enjoyable for me, it was a time in which I was able to connect with persons I haven’t seen in awhile and of course see performances by all my favorite local gospel artistes. My favorite night had to be Saturday night, even tho I only arrived for like the last two performances, but it was totally worth it.  Because you doesn’t love POSITIVE! I always look forward to seeing him perform, it always amazes me how he is able to captivate the audience. I remember on Friday night he ran onto the stand to do a little teaser and people from everywhere just started running towards the stage it was such a sight to see. Sunday night was more of a praise and worship period, followed by the after party. I was not apart of the praise party after the event on Sunday night but the performance I enjoyed the most was Gates Praise.  I honestly really enjoy there music and always look forward to seeing them perform. One of my favorite songs is Blood Song, I literally have it on repeat like all the time.

To summarize this event is hard because it is honestly something you needed to be there to see and to experience. And my summary would never do justice in explaining how it was. But you can definitely check out the videos linked below. I can’t wait for 2019 and I am sure you can’t either.



What are you going to tell the world? How are you going to tell the world? Let me know.



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