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Chronicles of a Trinigirl|| Bike Riding 

One of the most popular ares for cycling is Chagaramas, has old military & agricultural roads as well as forest paths  For my friend Paige’s birthday we went bike riding in Chagaramas through the Bamboo Cathedral, up unto a mountainous look out.   If you do not own a bicycle, like us you can rent at Ziptt .


Great bikes, the guide adjusts your seat before you leave and the brakes were very responsive  for the most part except for my little accident. So while riding I kept feeling as though my bicycle was not riding properly but I thought it was because I haven’t rode in a while. But nope something was hella wrong with the bike….or i cant ride. So as we were coming down the hill I fell. Like flip up in the air, roll on the ground, cut open my hand, mess up my clothes kinda fall. I totally laughed at myself but I did get injured and did not realize until I was on my way home. When we got back to the main office the people were so nice they cleaned my cut and made sure that everything was good this me and that there was nothing worst wrong with me.


The fee was $50 TTD an hour and $80 TTD for two hours. They also provide hairnets and helmets (which was an absolute life saver, because I may have had a concision) if you didn’t walk with your own. They just take payment and a form of ID as security and before you ride you must complete a waiver form.



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