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Where am I from?

Hey There!

Welcome back, or if you are new here,  Hiya,  I am Tia! And welcome to my blog.


Excuse me as I go off on a little rant.  Can someone please tell me, where people get these puzzling ideas from, who told them that there is only the Dominican Republic and Jamaica in the Caribbean? There is more than one island in the Caribbean! Nope, not all West Indians people come from Jamaica. Additionally, we don’t live in little huts and walk around like native people in tribal wear .  And whatever other misconceptions you all have. Like WHERE do you all get these ideas, comment and tell me because I find it hilarious of what people think about the Caribbean.


Who am I? That is really simple to answer.

I am a proud TRINI to de bone and I will forever be. I am from the beautiful twin Island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean, about 11 KM off the Northeastern coast of Venezuela.  Our capital city is called Port-of-Spain , and our official language is English with a mixture of Trini Dialect that some people really don’t get. They often say we speak to fast.


Trinidad and Tobago is mainly known for the the infamous pitch lake and their oil refinery.  Most of the oil refinery is done in Trinidad so our waters especially in the south tends to have a “blackish” tinge to it, while Tobago has clear blue waters. Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island state, and in my opinion even though we are one the atmosphere is completely different on islands. If you want to fete (party) I would suggest staying in Trinidad, If you want to chill out at the beach Tobago is the place to go. Be aware…….TOBAGO is DANGEROUSLY hotter than Trinidad so lather on that sunscreen.


Carnival is one of the major events that happen on our islands every year, persons from all around come to see it. Carnival is basically a street parade of individuals dressed in  carnivals, it is very colourful. It is filled with whining, dancing, and performances by soca artistes. It is just about having a good time and alot of vibes. To get an idea of what carnival is like you should check out II Superwoman II Vlogs from her trip here.


Want to learn more about Trinidad and Tobago stay tuned because there is a lot more to learn.


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